The kitchen

The large kitchen has all the necessary elements so that the same groups attending can prepare their own meals.

It has kitchens, heaters, utensils, dishes, etc .; It also has two industrial refrigerators, freezer, microwave, countertops, basins for washing vegetables and storage of the various foods necessary for preparing meals during the days of stay.

The toilets

The House has 3 large bathrooms for common use, two on the ground floor and one on the first floor. All of them have hot water 24 hours a day.
The breadth of these bathrooms allows 17 showers and 24 sinks to be used simultaneously. It also has some other individual bathrooms on the ground floor.

Dining room

The important dining room located on the ground floor, equipped with large tables, has a connection to the kitchen with a “serving hatch”, which allows a comfortable and agile service.